Foshan Qijunhong Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Foshan Qijunhong Plastic Products Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is located in Gaohai Industrial Zone, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with 23000 square meters of modern factory buildings and office buildings. Specializing in the production of daily chemical packaging liquid distribution pumps, the main series are: Q201 series, Q301 series, and supporting series, all of which have reached the international level. It is a pump head manufacturer specializing in the production of pump heads, perfume spray heads, lotion pumps, daily chemical packaging materials, shower gel pump heads, cosmetics packaging materials, pressure pumps, perfume spray, 18 tooth spray pumps

The company has multiple automatic production lines and 65 injection molding machines. 5 4cc lotion pump production lines with daily production capacity of 600000; Two 2cc lotion pump production lines with daily production capacity of 220000; Two sets of spray production lines with a daily production capacity of 160000.



Professional production of lotion pumps
Q201 Series Q301 Series Q202 Series J301 Series M301 Series Matched plastic Bayonet spray QC Series


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